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Law Company LawBS

18 Kirov street, Minsk, Belarus
PO Box 15875-6847 – Tehran (1546814511) – Iran

Tel: +375 29 6 45 50 30
Tel: +375 17 328 67 87


LawBS French Speaking Law Company is led by Tatiana Koutchma, and based in Minsk, Belarus.

The company started its activities in 2010. Along the way, it has gained the clients of different “nationalities” – European, Russian and Belarusian companies of various sectors (production and sale of medical products, IT, import-export trade, agriculture and other business areas). We are still together with some clients that appeared in 2010-2011, they are no longer just clients, these are our partners and friends, we really appreciate the fact that they are with us all this time.

The positioning of the LawBS French Speaking Law Company took a long time. We have worked hard to become what we are now, and to declare it. This was preceded by serious preparatory work. We worked with French clients, spoke at French – Belarusian forums, conferences in Paris, Lyon and Minsk.

Today the law company’s multilingual legal team reflects the importance they give to details in providing legal services. The team delivers a personalized service tailored to their clients’ needs.

The truth is in the details … And this is an indicator, not an overall aim. The aim is a process of approaching an ideal, in which there are always X unknown variables …

The company’s core purpose is finding the best solution for its clients and for its self. What’s the best solution? A detailed and fully elaborated solution, taking into account the sector-specifics and business traditions.

The company’s mission is to:

  • improve businesses of its clients,
  • offer and implement expert and practically applicable high quality solutions.
  • ensure 101% results

Our calling is to follow the rules, change them, create our own in order to improve the business environment.

Development, Creation and Professionalism are the principles we follow.

The essence of our work is:

  • Individuality and practical applicability of the proposed solutions,
  • The truth is in the details or the principle of triangulation – checking information from three sources,
  • Clarity, logic and adequacy of statements like Occam’s razor.

Practice Areas in National & International Law:

  • Business Law
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Establishment of Trading & Production Companies, Repoffices
  • Intellectual Property Right, Distribution Relations and Protection of Information Technology
  • Tax Law
  • Employment Law
  • Negotiations and Conflicts Resolution
  • Legalization Services, Apostils, Translate and Consular Legalizations
  • Pre-Notarial Services

You can find more information on the website, as well as contact us by:


Tel. + 375 29 6 45 50 30 (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber)

Our office is located at: Belarus, Minsk, 18 Kirov street (business part of the President Hotel). But we are also open to work with you remotely via applications convenient to you and e-mail.


Advokaadibüroo Heringson GLO OÜ│

Address: Rävala pst 2, 10145 TALLINN, Eesti/Estonia

Tel: (+372) 6 108 108


Law Firm Heringson GLO


In today’s accelerating and intricate world we are beginning to appreciate more and more those peaceful moments and peace of mind – the knowledge that everything is alright with Your family and home, and that Your professional and business related problems are solvable with just a little effort.

However, if work problems turn out to be more complex than usual, they are often brought home, and when the problems become even more severe, it might affect family life and often make it impossible to relax with family or friends. The situation is even more complicated, when the problems are connected to Your home or family. Thus, problems arising from any areas interfere with Your whole everyday life – especially if there is no plain solution. However, there are no unsolvable situations and the solution can be closer than it seems. Judicial regulations and legal relationships inevitably become more and more complex and many have been experienced that either lack of knowledge or just ignorance can amount to very difficult legal maze, where, prima facie, it is hard to find a way out. It is told that You cannot buy a peace of mind. And we do not sell peace of mind. But we know how to solve the situations that steal Your inner peace – or even better: how to prevent problematic situations and minimize Your risks. Satisfaction with You and Your life is an inevitable foundation in terms of Your individual happiness and in turn for Your business success. Life is too short and excellent to waste it on problems. We know how precious and essential is Your peace of mind.

About us

Law Firm Heringson GLO was founded in 2011. Law firm offers our clients services mainly in civil and administrative law, in special cases also in criminal law. All our professionals are specialised on legal proceedings and dispute resolution, which requires an in depth knowledge of the wide spectrum of areas in both civil and administrative law. Our team is competent to protect the best interests of our clients in all proceedings mentioned above. While honorably bearing indigenous principles of a legal profession in a global environment, our keywords are openness, innovativeness and development.

Activities and Services

Heringson GLO offers services for example on several areas, including but not limited following:

    • Law of obligations is one of the main areas of activity of Heringson GLO lawyers, and the resulting practical experience, together with legal preparation, allows us to offer assessments and solutions to a wide range of problems. A good example is a situation where debtors have tried to get rid of their obligations by closing down in one company and setting up another. Thanks to the regulation of the transfer of the company, we have also been able to solve such situations and motivate individuals to pay their debts;


    • Business and corporative law. Many companies have chosen Heringson GLO as their day-to-day partner to provide corporate advice to companies on a wide range of issues – often just one phone call away, which does not require a normal appointment and meeting. However, time is a resource that is irreversible. In addition to providing corporate advice and solving day-to-day problems, Heringson GLO is, of course, helpful in the transfer of shares and in disputes between shareholders.


    • Labour law. As in any contractual relationship, a precise and clear employment contract that not only meets the minimum requirements of the law, but also unambiguously stipulates the agreements of the parties, helps to prevent problems in employment relations. The lawyers of our law firm will help you to develop a contract based on your exact needs. Of course, it is wise for the employer to consult with Heringson GLO lawyers if the employment contract needs to be terminated for any reason (such as redundancy) – we also help employees assess whether the employer has treated you legally. Unlawful termination of an employment contract may result in claims for compensation by the employee. In addition to the regulation of employment contracts, the lawyers of Heringson GLO also have a number of experiences in representing clients in disputes related to public service.


    • Intellectual property, including the trademark law. More than ever in history needs protection intellectual property. It is necessary to protect patents, trademarks, etc. in the classical sense, but also just good ideas for which the aforementioned protection cannot be obtained. Internet-related issues, such as domain names, have become an important breeding ground for intellectual property disputes. For example, our partner Enno Heringson successfully represented a known German sports car manufacturer DR. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AC in a dispute concerning domain He was able to ensure the domain’s use to the official dealer requested by the client;


    • Real estate – taking account of the importance of financial relations related to real estate, in order to prevent problems, it is wise to contact lawyer as early as possible to further ensure the fulfilment of your wishes. Our lawyers have experience in anticipating problems from the positions of various market participants, carrying out legal audits of real estate objects, if necessary, assisting in drafting the necessary contracts or communicating with state or local government agencies. When problems
      arise, we help solve them in both court and enforcement proceedings. Construction law is also related to the field: planning and subsequent construction is a relatively expensive activity, and if it is decided to do so, the customer’s expectations are always
      high in terms of quality, deadlines, etc. – be it a home, commercial building or other construction. There are additional specific requirements for participants in public works contracts;


    • Negotiations are an integral part of the daily work of Heringson GLO’s lawyers – there
      are many reasons to help a lawyer already in the negotiation phase: for us, achieving the best result in negotiations is an objective goal without the subjective emotions that often dominate the parties. At the same time, when setting a goal, we can assess it as
      professionals in interaction with the prevailing legal environment. In other words, we can assess, even before the start of the negotiations, what would be the most objectively reasonable goal to achieve, because sometimes a person may set a goal that is too high – or worse – too low out of ignorance. Once the correct aim has been set, the other partymust also be convinced of its correctness, using arguments based onobjective law as justification. At the same time, it is often sensible to make concessions and compromise, as making a small concession is often cheaper and faster than a long and costly litigation. Even with this choice, we can help you make the right decisions;


    • Insolvency proceedings. In the current economic situation, issues related to insolvency proceedings – reorganization, bankruptcy proceedings, debt restructuring proceedings have become especially topical. Bankruptcy law and bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings are one of the most important areas of activity of the law firm Heringson GLO. By combining both legal and economic experience and thinking, we can be doubly useful and effective in solving potential problems. Bankruptcy is not necessarily a dead end for either the debtor or the creditor, but it can also be a solution – not a good solution, but still a solution. Bankruptcies often have resources that, if handled skillfully, can satisfy creditors’ claims, and although this is not common in practice, it is not impossible to rehabilitate a debtor’s business by using the resources found in it wisely;


    • Family law. There are two main reasons for recourse to lawyers – firstly, issues relating to children – maintenance, contact arrangements, personal and property custody, and secondly, divorce, which involves the division of joint property. In both cases, Heringson GLO can also help you. The above-mentioned areas are delicate, which require a calm and personal approach, often conciliation of the parties, but unfortunately also the guarantee of the client’s rights in court proceedings. At the same time, Heringson GLO’s lawyers have a wealth of experience that it is often possible to reach reasonable and
      mutually satisfactory agreements through negotiations with the parties much faster and more cheaply than in court proceedings. This is especially true of alimony, because it still goes to the benefit of both parties. However, if no agreement is reached, it is generally guaranteed that the child will be paid a monthly maintenance allowance of at least half the minimum wage from the parent living apart from the child. In addition, the law of succession also has a direct bearing on family law. In the case of several heirs, the lawyer must often play the role of conciliator in this respect and explain the ways in which the situation can best be resolved in the interests of all


If the above does not exactly apply to your concern, do not hesitate to contact us. Only by
accurately describing your problem to us can we decide how we can best assist you.


Lawyer at Athens Bar Association – Greece
P.C. 10672
Phone: +30 210 3636919
Phone: +30 6974806429

Poly is a Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Greece, an accredited Mediator in Civil and Commercial Disputes in the official list of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice, a legal expert, mediator and arbitrator at the Athens Commercial and Industrial Chamber.

She has graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and holds a Master of Laws II (LLM) in European Law from the University Paris I – Sorbonne. She has also attended post graduate courses in Philosophy and Sociology of Law in the Sorbonne University Paris II.

Starting by an international professional experience in Europe (French and Belgium) and in Africa, (Cameroun), she established her law office in Athens.

Her office specializes in the field of civil and business law for multinational and Greek clients and investors (corporate, commercial, finance, civil law, international estate planning, real estate and labor matters).

She also represents individuals and businesses as a litigator before the Court, Institutional Bodies and Committees in the Private and Public Sector as well as in Regional and Local Authorities. She works in 3 languages, Greek, French and English.

She supports the alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) as Negotiations, Arbitration and Mediation, considering that these methods constitute the modern civilization for legal issues ad she has a good experience in this field.

She is member of Scientific and Professional Organizations and Associations. She participates actively in conferences and forums and publishes articles on legal issues.


Persia Consulting

Ground Floor, No.27, East Rudbar Ave., Mirdamad Blvd., Shariati Ave.
PO Box 15875-6847 – Tehran (1546814511) – Iran

Call Center: [0098-21-22920772|tel:0098-21-22920772]
Tel: [0098-21-26424725 & 26406555 |tel:0098-21-22920490]
Mobile (Iran): [0098-912-1018526 |tel:0098-912-101-8526]
Mobile (Germany): 0049-1741580180



Law Firm/Rechtanwaltskanzlei/Studio Legale Bianchi Schierholz & Partners

  • Address
  • Largo Richini 2/A, 20122 Milano, Italia
  • Viale del Lido 24/B, 00122 Roma, Italia

Phone: R.A. +39 / +39. 06. 56.24. 073 Fax: +39 02.39190512


Services of the law firm Bianchi Schierholz & Partner

Highly specialised in business consultancy and advisory  assistance, Bianchi Schierholz & Partners is uniquely placed to provide those legal services indispensable for meeting companies’ needs.

The Firm is made up of top notch lawyers and accountants who, thanks to their wide, high-level professional experience, are able to meet the specific needs of an ever more demanding international clientèle.

Several languages are daily used in our firm, among them Spanish, English, French, German and Italian

We at BS & Partners have acquired great expertise in drawing up typical and atypical contracts common in national and international trade practice, assisting both Italian and foreign clients in negotiating and stipulating highly complex agreements in a variety of areas including the media, international trade, electronic, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and utilities sectors.

The Firm’s lawyers are geared to represent Italian and foreign clients in civil, commercial, administrative and tax disputes, at every stage and level of jurisdiction, in all matters resulting in proceedings before public (litigation) or private (arbitration) courts, as well as in A.D.R. mediations.      

Our firm furthermore boasts extensive experience in amicable and alternative dispute resolution methods.  A number of lawyers at BS & Partners have also acted as advocates and arbitrators in both domestic and international arbitrations.

Among our Firm’s clients are the following important companies:

A leading German insurance company;

The Police of an important German-speaking country;

the second largest railway company in Italy;

the foremost media company in Italy;

the largest private bank in Italy;

a host of medium-sized Italian and foreign companies operating in the manufacturing, building, IT, service and brokerage industries.

We at BS & Partners offer bespoke services to our clients. Service quality and client satisfaction are our firm’s hallmark.

Here at BS & Partners quality of service is given top priority. We focus on:

  • providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism;
  • carrying out research activities on a daily basis;
  • undertaking continual training to ensure our knowledge is constantly updated;
  • making sure our lawyers and accountants have a sound scientific training;
  • selecting personnel carefully;
  • offering bespoke services to our clients.

Our total commitment to, and love for, our work allows us to achieve excellence in all aspects of our business.

Activities and Services


We at Bianchi Schierholz & Partners offer consulting services across all areas of business, from the initial set up right through to a wind up where necessary, focusing both on internal relations (e.g. between the governing bodies and with shareholders), and on relations with third parties (companies, bodies, institutions, etc.).

In particular, we provide advice on corporate law issues including:

  • Setting up commercial companies, cooperatives and associations;
  • Drafting deeds of incorporation, company by-laws and shareholder agreements;
  • Identifying the best form of corporate governance for a specific company (Board of Directors, Sole Director, more than one director, CEO, General Manager with or without power of attorney, Senior Managers…..) and monitoring its implementation;
  • Developing the organisational, management and control model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, with the aim of strengthening the company’s organization and, wherever possible, of eliminating – or at any rate reducing – the company’s risks, its responsibilities and those of its governing bodies and executives.


Bianchi Schierholz & Partners offers assistance to both Italian and foreign clients in Merger & Acquisition operations. We pride ourselves on having acquired specific expertise in each of the following sectors:

  • Financial, tax & legal due diligence;
  • Share purchase agreements;
  • Transfer deeds;
  • Company assessments and shareholdings;
  • Antitrust law;
  • Mergers, incorporations, demergers and contributions;
  • Preparation of prospectuses, takeover bids and related compliance;
  • Drafting of business plans for extraordinary transactions;
  • National and international tax planning of extraordinary transactions.


We advise big, medium and small-sized companies on how to manage employee (senior managers- middle managers-workers) and collaborator relations, as well as worker relations with same.

We offer consulting services in Labour Law matters including:

  • Drafting individual and collective employment contracts, with a particular focus on all aspects concerning company-employee relations, as well as advising and explaining the different types of roles, employment contracts (part time, temporary, permanent etc…), and pay grades available, with the aim of finding the best solution possible for the company/employer at any given moment, in the light of existing legislation.
  • Managing mergers, integrations, demergers, transfers of businesses, employee down-sizing and collective employee lay-offs, and assisting the company every step of the way in related procedures, whether individual in the case of a single worker, or of groups, as well as relations with unions.
  • Assistance in managing expatriates and impatriates.

We at Bianchi Schierholz & Partners provide Health and Safety consulting services within the legal and technical framework (Italian legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions):

  • Regarding the employer’s duties to fulfil obligations, including through documentation, in matters of health and safety in the workplace: risk evaluation; appointment of the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service; drafting of risk evaluation reports; planning and organising appropriate health and safety training; informing, instructing, training consulting workers, managers and others involved on Health and Safety;
  • For all fulfilment of the employer’s duties with respect to safety measures in the management of tenders, services and procurement relating to hazards caused by other independent workers and/or workers from other companies;
  • Consulting services in the adoption and effective implementation of the organisational, management and control model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as in the correct functioning of the Supervisory Board.


Consulting services and assistance pertaining to this field, including the appropriate judicial activities, are performed having regard both to traditional methods and to IT and the Internet.

We assist our clients in safeguarding their intellectual property assets, in registering trademarks, patents, designs, and domain names, as well as in finding the right solution to adopt in the event of same being usurped either in Europe or in the emerging markets where most of world production is being carried out.

In particular, our IP department is able to offer its clients assistance and expertise, both in and out of court, in matters relating to:

  • Unfair competition, know-how, trade secrets and copyright (likelihood of confusion, disparagement, misappropriation of trade secrets, sales below cost, false advertising, violation of journalistic norms, competitive lying , appropriation of clients);
  • Ordinary and precautionary litigations regarding the validity and infringements of distinctive trademarks;
  • E-commerce and problems associated with domain management and website and domain name hijacking, drafting of internet-driven contracts;
  • Internet and Social Media Law, role and responsibility of internet service providers and associated issues;
  • Advertising and related rules, bans and litigation;
  • Know-how;
  • Customs;
  • Intellectual property transfer, licensing and sale contracts;
  • Made in Italy;
  • Data protection and privacy (legislative decree 196/2003)
  • during the different stages of export of products and technology into emerging markets through the protection of intangible assets, even on site, thanks to our international network.


We also offer assistance and high quality consulting services in the purchasing, management and sale of real estate (private homes, flats and detached dwellings, offices, industrial premises and their appurtenances, lands).

Bianchi Schierholz & Partners also offers, both in Italy and abroad, a wide range of services including:

  • Assessment of a company’s organisational and financial structure aimed at real estate investing;
  • Legal, fiscal, administrative, urban planning and environmental assessment prior to the carrying out of real estate transactions;
  • Legal and fiscal due diligence in the context of contractual, administrative, urban planning and financial profiles;
  • Investment agreements;
  • Real estate purchase contracts or property investment vehicles;
  • Leases and sub-leases;
  • Business branch lease contracts;
  • Financing agreements;
  • Collateral contracts;
  • Contracts concerning development operations;
  • Contracts and subcontracts for the construction or renovation of buildings;
  • Project management agreements;
  • Property management agreements;
  • Consulting agreements for matters concerning the planning and implementation of construction projects.


The firm assists individuals in matters of succession planning, from arranging the transfer of one’s property and assets, to fulfilling all the tax formalities regarding same. We also help business owners in the transition from one generation to the next.

In particular:

  • Drafting and publishing of wills;
  • Accepting inheritance with or without the benefit of inventory;
  • Renouncing inheritance;
  • Protecting heirs;
  • Petition and reduction of inheritance;
  • Donations;
  • Litigations in matters concerning inheritance subdivision.


Bianchi Schierholz & Partners boasts a strong international vocation: it is a member of numerous international associations (Advogate, Anwaltskooperation/group of law firms represented in all district courts of appeal in Germany (86 German cities), twinned with Belgavoka (Belgium and Luxembourg) and Francadovka (France). It is also a member of IAPL (International Association of Practising Lawyers), of“Vereinigung fuer den Gedankenaustausch zwieschen deutschen u. italienischen Juristen”, of E-Merging, and of both the German Chamber of Commerce in Italy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany. The Firm is accredited to the German Embassy in Rome and the German Consulate in Milan, as can be seen from the official websites of said institutions:

It is also accredited to the US Consulate in Milan:

furthermore to the Canadian Embassy

and to the Swiss Embassy:

The Firm uses a German Desk, set up in 1998, which is specialised in assisting Italian clients investing in German-speaking countries and German-speaking clients investing in Italy.

Bianchi Schierholz & Partners habitually assists international clients through fluent daily spoken and written English, French, and Spanish.


The Firm boasts vast experience in civil proceedings and arbitration, with a special focus on litigations relating to the following issues:

  • Company law – directors’ duties and liability; the appealing of decisions and budgets; conclusion, execution, interpretation and breach of para-social agreements; investment agreements, call and put option agreements; interpretation of statutory provisions and exercise of shareholder rights, etc.
  • Commercial law – proceedings arising from the conclusion, execution, interpretation or breach of typical contracts (i.e. contract for services, both domestic and international sale of goods) and atypical contracts governed by Italian or foreign law; legal debt collection.
  • Transportation law; interpretation and resolution of issues associated with the interpretation of transportation contracts and in particular in relation to payment deadline, date of delivery of goods and related forms of payment guarantees, release of seized goods, etc.
  • Banking law – interpretation and resolution of issues related to disputes on the working of credit instruments and bank guarantees, such as letters of credit and sureties.
  • Intellectual property law and competition – precautionary measures against unfair competition, anti-trust proceedings, disputes involving trademarks and patents, legal disputes over copyright infringement.
  • Libel cases, legal actions to protect a company or individual’s honour, name and image, and compensation request.
  • Labour and social security law; disputes involving individual and collective dismissals, wages, mobbing, company reorganisation and restructuring, agency contracts and unfair competition;
  • Copyright – disputes involving unfair competition, know-how, trade secrets and copyright (likelihood of confusion, disparagement, misappropriation of trade secrets, sales below cost, false advertising, violation of journalistic norms, competitive lying, appropriation of clients); other ordinary and precautionary disputes concerning validity and forgery.

Bianchi Schierholz & Partners has an established and experienced network of colleagues throughout Italy which allows us to follow disputes all over the country with the utmost efficiency.



Maslak Mah. Agaoglu 1453 Sitesi T4 B Blok D:44
Istanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 532 478 9788

Dedeoglu & Balaban is a law firm based in Istanbul/ Turkey engaging in various fields of law and providing legal consultancy and litigation services to its local and multinational clients. Our legal team is composed of lawyers who can speak Turkish, native German and fluent English.

Dedeoglu & Balaban Law Firm provides legal services to various kinds of companies, entities and individuals such as international and global holdings, small-sized companies at the foundation phase, individuals, entrepreneurs, public agencies, foundations and charitable organizations.

Att. Mirkan Dedeoglu is one of the founding partner of Dedeoglu & Balaban Law Firm.After completing his pre-license education in Germany, Mr. Dedeoglu graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Before founding Dedeoglu & Balaban, he worked for leading law firms of Germany and Turkey. He provides consultancy to local and foreign clients in execution and bankruptcy law, labor and security law. Dedeoğlu further works on investment processes of Turkey-based German companies. He is a native German speaker.

Dedeoglu & Balaban Law Firm provides with its dynamic team, the highest level of legal advice to its clients in numerous fields of work.

Practice Areas:

  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Foreign Investment
  • Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Family Law
  • Labour Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Arbitration

Great Britain


City House
3 Cranwood Street
London EC1V 9PE
Tel 44 207 549 7888

About Us

DKLM is an established central London law firm with a strong international focus. Based in EC1, our expert legal teams offer a complete range of legal services to our private and commercial clients.

Our History

DKLM was formed in 2004 and has grown substantially so that it is now able to provide a one stop service to meet all of its clients’ personal and business needs.

In the last decade we have been careful to listen to the needs of our clients, and as they have expanded and grown, we have also expanded our areas of practice and sought out new opportunities for the firm, and our clients, internationally.

Our Expertise

We have a strong expertise in our core areas: Business Immigration; Commercial Property; Corporate and Commercial; Commercial Litigation; Employment law; Private Client, Estate Planning and Estate Administration; Property Litigation; and Residential Conveyancing.

We also provide specialist services for Mediation/ADR, Licencing and Tech law, and offer a serviced office/company secretarial service for our international clients.

What does DKLM stand for? 

The name DKLM is formed from the initials of our four founding partners:  Alan Dixon, Jeremy Kleinfeld, Philip Li and Kiran Morzeria.

Each founding partner comes from a very different community and has a very different background.  From its inception the foundation stone of DKLM has been the diversity of its clients, partners and staff. Many of our staff are fluent in Mandarin; Cantonese; Malay; French; Spanish; Gujarati; Urdu; Hindi or Punjabi.

China Association – Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

In 2012 DKLM signed a Strategic Association with Zhonglun W&D Law Firm one of mainland China’s largest, and highly regarded law firms. 

The alliance provides our clients and professional contacts with access to over 100 lawyers in 20 associated offices across China and connections throughout the Far east

Hong Kong Association

In 2021 DKLM entered into a co-operation agreement with Anthony Siu and Company Solicitors a highly regarded law firm and their senior partner is a consultant to DKLM. 

Our differences are our strengths

Commercial Litigation

Our team of litigation lawyers has extensive experience of private and commercial issues. We take a pragmatic and robust approach in protecting and preserving your interests. 

Establishing clear objectives is the key to successful litigation. No one entertains the prospect of litigation lightly and our experience and tenacity will ensure that our work meets the challenge of any particular dispute. We will advise you on the best course of action whether you are pursuing or defending a claim. 

We cover most litigation matters, including:

  • Beneficiary claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Breach of trust
  • Commercial disputes
  • Company disputes
  • Debt and asset recovery
  • Defective goods and services
  • Freezing orders
  • Injunctions
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance claims
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

Examples of recent cases 

  • Successfully defending a claim by an Estate Agent for substantial fees on the basis of the failure to comply with the statutory requirements under the Estate Agents Act1979.
  • Successful opposition of claim by a Local Authority for breaches of Health and Safety legislation.
  • Resisting an application by a Trustee in Bankruptcy for an order for possession and sale of a jointly owned property occupied by the bankrupt’s spouse.
  • Breach of contract claim in excess of £1 million relating to defective flooring in a substantial warehouse and showroom premises.
  • Successfully obtained the summary dismissal in the Court of Appeal of a claim for damages for breach of contract arising out of a construction dispute. The judgment considered economic loss, the relevance of the complex structure theory and the proper construction of s.3 of the Latent Damage Act 1986.

For further information please telephone Jeremy Kleinfeld on +44 20 7549 7894 or by email

Commercial Property

Our commercial property solicitors have a reputation as trusted advisors for providing legal services on a wide range of commercial property issues for national and international clients from Asia, UAE, USA and East Africa.

We have experience representing owner managed businesses, landlords, high net worth individuals and multi-national companies, SME’s, property management companies, banks and property developers.

The team proactively considers strategies to suit client’s particular business and objectives often working on time sensitive matters. We work closely with our corporate; employment, private client, residential and business immigration teams. 

Our lawyers have legal expertise to handle complex property issues together with other professionals such as accountants, banks and surveyors and are able to make introductions to other specialists.

We regularly advise and assist on the following:

  • Business transfers with premises sales and  purchases
  • Drafting, negotiating and advising on grant, renewals and transfers of leases
  • Secured property finance and refinance
  • Construction law
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Investments
  • Company share or asset purchase and sales
  • Development sites and related issues

Different types of premises and businesses

The department deals with many types of transactions, including the following:

  • Office leases
  • Industrial units
  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing homes
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and public houses
  • Cafes and sandwich bars

​Examples of recent deals include:

  • Restructuring family property portfolios valued between £20m to £40m dealing with client’s objectives of succession and wealth protection.
  • Purchase of a multimillion pound stud farm in the Home Counties.
  • Purchase of a new office premises for a Chinese State Owned insurance company.

Corporate and Commercial law

Our corporate and commercial solicitors have an excellent reputation for providing legal advice and services on a wide range of company and commercial law issues to clients in London, the UK and abroad.

We have a wealth of legal experience, representing a broad range of commercial and corporate clients across various sectors, including in particular designers, the health care sector, property developers, the waste industry and web based businesses.  Our partner led corporate and commercial solicitors have the legal skills and expertise to be able to give specialist legal advice and services to entrepreneurs and companies alike throughout the life of your business: from initial startup, through the development of your business to its eventual sale.


Buying and selling a company is potentially one of the most complex and difficult transactions you will ever face. At the same time as continuing to manage the day to day running of your business you will need to be involved in the conduct of sale and purchase negotiations. You may also need to deal with a considerable volume of documentation.  We understand that all of this can be stressful, resulting in a heavy demand on your time.  We have the legal experience to guide you through this process removing some of the burden from your shoulders and giving you advance warning of any legal issues or problems that may arise so that you can think through your response well in advance of the problem arising.

We regularly advise and assist on the following:

  • Buying and selling companies
  • Company formation and company secretarial services
  • Corporate governance and directors’ duties
  • Insolvency issues and wrongful trading
  • Management buy-outs (or buy-ins)
  • Options (including executive management incentive agreements or schemes)
  • Purchase by a company of its own shares
  • Reduction of capital
  • Reorganisations and demergers
  • Shareholder agreements and articles of association
  • Shareholder disputes and unfair prejudice
  • Subscription agreements and investment agreements


The life blood of every business is a series of contracts creating legal relations.  Sometimes they are informal and arise out of a conversation or simple exchange of letters.  If the contract is important to your business you might want to make sure it is properly drafted and take advice on what ought to appear in it. 

We can advise and assist you with the following kinds of documents or issues:

  • Agency agreements
  • Competition law
  • Data Protection Act registration and compliance
  • Distribution agreements
  • Intellectual property, trademark assignment and licensing
  • Limitation of liability
  • Retention of title (Romalpa)
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Supplier and customer contracts

For further information please telephone

Patrick Gilmour on +44 20 7549 7897 or by email

Business Immigration

Whether you are an employer or employee, an individual or a businessman, a multinational company or an educational institution, we are here to guide you through the complex UK immigration laws and to provide you with a bespoke immigration solution.

We provide specialist advice in the following areas:

  • Sponsor Licence application and management
  • Employment related Tier 2 visas
  • Representative of overseas business
  • Settlement  (UK permanent residence)
  • Naturalisation (British citizenship)
  • Business visitor, tourism and visiting visas 
  • Tier 1 (Investor) visas
  • Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visas
  • Tier 1 (General) visa extensions
  • Studying related Tier 4 visas
  • Family members
  • EEA family permits

We work closely with UK government officials and other professionals to help overseas clients with their initial visa applications and subsequent investments and business development in the UK.

Our immigration team can provide tailor-made advisory services to clients in English and Chinese. In particular, our associated law firms in mainland China, Hong Kong and Riyadh support our UK team making the whole visa application process much easier and more convenient to our overseas clients.

Please telephone Fei Yang on +44 207 549 7451 or e-mail her at

Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation is now recognised as one of the fastest and most cost effective methods of settling disputes. 

Going to trial is expensive and stressful, often taking months or years of costly litigation with no guarantee of an outcome that satisfies the parties when you get there. Mediation is often cheaper and quicker, and can be used when opposing parties want to find a workable solution, yet for some reason cannot reach a settlement. 

Most people involved in a dispute would rather reach a settlement than go to trial. The process brings together opposing parties and their advisors and replaces adversarial confrontation with principled negotiation and the object of finding a workable agreement between the parties thereby avoiding recourse to the Courts.

The benefits of reaching an agreement through mediation are often very significant in both financial and personal terms. Mediation is entirely private and can help avoid unwelcome publicity. Any settlement reached does not set a precedent for similar disputes in the future. Parties are now being encouraged into mediation by the Courts which often prevent the parties pursuing litigation.

Jeremy Kleinfeld is accredited as a mediator by CEDR, one of the UK’s leading training and mediation providers. DKLM can offer mediation services in their own right as well as advising clients who are involved in litigation and wish to use mediation as a method of resolving their dispute.

Our experience shows that matters which are mediated stand more than a 75% prospect of being resolved thus avoiding the time, trouble, inconvenience, risk and expense of litigation.

For further information please telephone Jeremy Kleinfeld on +44 20 7549 7894 or by email

Property Litigation

Our dedicated Property Litigation team acts for landlords, tenants, freeholders, leaseholders and property agents.

Our clients range from large commercial property developers to small private investors and homeowners. Whoever we act for, our aim is to provide a cost-effective solution to any problem which our clients may face. If necessary, we will pursue rigorous Court action but we are also aware that this can be costly and time-consuming and therefore we do consider negotiations and mediation, if this is appropriate.

We regularly deal with disputes in the following areas:

  • Recovery of rent arrears and service charges
  • Possession actions
  • Actions for breach of covenants
  • Service of section 146 notices
  • Forfeiture and applications for relief
  • Insolvency of landlords and tenants
  • Exercise of break clauses
  • Dilapidation claims
  • 1954 Act  contested and uncontested business lease renewals
  • Leasehold extensions
  • Collective enfranchisement
  • Rights of light issues
  • Securing possession from squatters
  • Adverse possession
  • Boundary disputes and rights of way
  • Party wall disputes

Recent cases

  • Obtaining substantial damages, including exemplary damages, for a residential tenant who had been unlawfully evicted
  • High Court action concerning declaratory relief in a right of light dispute (Pavledes v Hadjisavva (2013) EGLR 12)
  • Advising on termination of leases to secure vacant possession of a development site
  • A successful forfeiture action for an investor who purchased a property at auction
  • Acting for a number of overseas investors to extend their leases and the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Development Act 1993

We are members of the Property Litigation Association.

For further information please telephone Alan Dixon on +44 20 7549 7895 or by email

Residential Conveyancing

Our dedicated team of residential conveyancing solicitors and lawyers  is well established, with a first class reputation for offering bespoke, client focused legal advice and services covering a full range of residential property matters to clients based in London, throughout the UK and abroad.

DKLM is accredited by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accredited, and we are also on the panel of the majority of lenders, which means that we can act for you and your lender.  

Our residential conveyancing solicitors and lawyers have extensive residential property experience and aim to ensure that our clients achieve their desired results in a timely manner.

Our residential conveyancers are readily available to deal with queries as they arise and understand the needs of clients, whether it be for the acquisition of their family homes or for the development of their property investment portfolios.

Our team advises a wide spectrum of clients ranging from first time buyers to property investors and high net worth individuals.

Our expertise includes:

  • Freehold and leasehold sales and acquisitions
  • Property refinancing and secured lending
  • Transfer of equity and gifts of property
  • Grants of new leases and lease extensions
  • Residential development sales and acquisitions
  • Advising buy to let investors
  • Residential tenancy agreements 

We also deal with Islamic Finance in connection with residential conveyancing transactions and further information is available on this here. 

For further information please telephone Sandeep Lakhani on +44 20 7549 7879 or send an email to



Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG

ZIP CODE: 9000
City: St. Gallen
Phone: +41584587788

Other locations
Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG
Law Firm
Bahnhofstrasse 82
8001 Zurich, Switzerland
+41 44 201 02 21

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG
Law Firm
Rheinstrasse 1
8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland
+41 52 730 96 75

Areas of Law/Specialty Areas:
Compliance, Business Law, White-Collar Crime, Administrative Law, Litigation, Arbitration, Compliance, School Law, Intellectual Property Law, Legal Risk Management, Competition Law, Private Law, Public Law, Commercial Law

Law Firm
Our law firm, Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG, practices law in Switzerland and provides professional advice and mutual legal assistance in transnational legal matters. Our practice in Switzerland comprises offices in three locations —Zurich, St. Gallen, and Frauenfeld. Our expertise extends to manifold legal fields, which include but are not limited to employment law, family law, inheritance law, and administrative law. We dependably accompany our clients in all life situations because of the wide range of legal subjects we handle. We provide professional, discreet, and personally designed all-around support to our valued clients, whether in the context of legal advice or litigation. This is especially true when it comes to notarial, private, or commercial counsel. Our key priorities are always efficiency, competence, and thoroughness. We view the contentment of our regular clientele as a differentiator of our quality since our objective is to fulfill the highest needs of our clients.

Our law firm conducts litigation in all Swiss courts, with a special emphasis on procedural law, because cases are frequently won or lost on the finer points of procedural law. For example, our firm has previously used its extensive understanding of criminal procedural law to help unfreeze confiscated assets as part of mutual legal aid procedures. Nonetheless, we always prioritize peaceful agreements. As a result, our practice is noted for taking a comprehensive approach to dispute resolution. Our seasoned legal professionals are skilled at predicting issues and devising solutions to avoid going to court. By talking with the opposing parties and participating in mediation and settlement conferences with judges, we look into the possibility of a favorable settlement for our clients. Private clients regularly use our litigation services in a variety of legal areas, including criminal, employment, and family law. We represent corporations from numerous industries in complicated cases and arbitrations both locally and internationally, in addition to private clients. Both civil and criminal litigation are areas of competence for us. Our litigation attorneys handle all aspects of the case, from investigation, pleadings, and discovery to pre-trial, settlement, and appeal procedures.

We furthermore specialize in compliance and criminal law matters. Attorney-at-law and managing partner Dr. Dr. Fabian Teichmann, LL.M. has obtained his PhDs on the topics of circumvention methods of money laundering prevention measures as well as anti-bribery incentives. He has published extensively on white-collar crime topics such as money laundering, corruption, sanctions, terrorism financing, and more. He furthermore teaches compliance courses at universities in Switzerland and abroad.

Our practice in the area does not extend exclusively to Switzerland. On the contrary, our seasoned attorneys are frequently approached by lawyers from around the world to assist in cases regarding incriminated assets. We routinely represent clients from all over Switzerland and abroad in money laundering matters. These cases often involve mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, as crimes are frequently committed outside of the country and (incriminated) assets stored in Switzerland. Our multidisciplinary and multinational team is well-versed in European and international criminal law, especially regarding procedural intricacies.

Moreover, our law firm launches investigations on behalf of corporate bodies, which frequently involve the internal investigation of compliance breaches by executives and employees and the coordination of transnational proceedings. In this, we place great emphasis on reputation protection and internal crisis management. To facilitate effective avoidance of such compliance breaches, our attorneys assist organizations in formulating appropriate codes of conduct, implementing secure and effective avenues for whistleblowing, and administering compliance workshops and trainings. In addition, we assess our clients’ compliance and business models and represent them in approval and licensing actions before the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. We also help clients with financing rounds and other complicated transactions.

Teichmann International (Schweiz) AG furthermore provides business and entrepreneurial advice to Swiss and international clients in a variety of industries. Our extensive variety of talents and languages distinguishes us from other law firms. Furthermore, our professionals have received great education and have dealt with a variety of complicated transnational and cross-border situations. Our law company has many overseas desks, including CSI, Italy, Germany, and Turkey, that handle complex transnational problems and often cooperate with professionals throughout the world on behalf of international high-net-worth clients.

Selected attorneys
Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Fabian Teichmann, LL.M., managing partner

Attorney at Law and Notary Public

Practice Areas:
– Compliance
– commercial law
– Banking

Law Main areas of interest:
– Criminal Law
– Commercial criminal law
– criminal procedural law

Memberships (selection):
– Harvard Alumni Association
– Institute on the Rosenberg Alumni Association
– Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)
– London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) European Users’ Council
– German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) e.V.
– Swiss Bar Association
– St. Gallen Bar Association

Teaching Experience (Selection):
– Economics of Corruption, International Anti-Corruption Academy, Vienna, Austria
– Compliance in Multinational Organizations, Zurich School of Economics, Switzerland
– Compliance in Multinational Corporations, University of Kassel, Germany
– Methods of Money Laundering, National Academy of Legal Sciences, Ukraine
– Corruption: Challenges and Solutions, National Academy of Legal Sciences, Ukraine
– Methods of Terrorism Financing, National Academy of Legal Sciences, Ukraine
– Compliance in Multinational Corporations, National Academy of Legal Sciences, Ukraine
– Economic, Tax and European Criminal Law (together with Prof. Dr. Martin Wassmer), University of Cologne, Germany
– Compliance in Multinational Corporations, University of Kassel, Germany

Günes Kaya

Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Partner

Practice Areas:

– Family Law
– Labor Law
– Criminal Law

Main areas of interest:

– landlord and tenant law
– social security law
– migration law

PD Dr. iur. Madeleine Camprubi

Attorney at Law

Practice Areas:

– Criminal procedural law
– compliance
– Administrative Law
– constitutional law

Main areas of interest:
– Social Security Law
– Tax Law
– Private International Law

Marco M. Jauner

Attorney at Law

Practice Areas:

– Commercial Law
– Private Law

Focus of interest:

– Criminal Law

Marcel Haberecker

Attorney at Law

Main fields of activity:

– Private Law
– civil procedural law
– family law

Main areas of interest:

– Criminal law
– Road traffic law

Marianne Erni

Attorney at Law

Main fields of activity:

– Criminal Law
– Commercial Law

Main areas of interest:

– Matrimonial law
– Family Law

Ramona Brülisauer

Attorney at Law

Main areas of activity:

– civil law
– building law
– Real Estate Law

Main areas of interest:

– family law
– Criminal Law

United States

Leone Zhgun, P.A.

Citigroup Center

Address: 201 S. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 800, Miami, FL 33131, USA

Tel: +1 (305) 537-6141



About Us

The law firm of Leone Zhgun, P.A. focuses on representing European and Russian clients in the United States with offices in Miami, USA and Moscow, Russia. Attorneys of Leone Zhgun are fluent in German, English and Russian and understand the legal systems, business practices, as well as the cultures of both the European countries as well as the United States. This unique standing provides a valuable advantage in international transactions as well as any direct investments made in the United States. Leone Zhgun developed extensive resources in the United States over the years consisting of an experienced network of lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals in multiple jurisdictions, creating a global infrastructure to assist their foreign clients with all their legal needs in the United States.

What we Do

Leone Zhgun’s German desk in Miami, USA, is led by Attorney at Law und Rechtsanwältin Susanne Leone, a German native who is licensed to practice law in Germany and Florida. An extensive part of Leone Zhgun’s practice is the advice of German and German-speaking clients in the area of business and corporate law related to investments into the United States. Susanne Leone assists her clients with the pre-market planning and business set up as well as later on in their day-to-day corporate matters, often acting as their general counsel. Leone Zhgun’s client base ranges from high-net-worth individuals and small, medium to well-known large companies which have entered the U.S. market successfully. 

Besides that, Leone Zhgun renders U.S. immigration advice to individuals, companies, and investors. Leone Zhgun analyzes each client’s individual case to find the appropriate visa to satisfy their individual goals. We specialize in nonimmigrant visas such as E-1/E-2, L-1, O-1, and immigrant visas such as EB-1, EB-2, NIW, and EB-5. Leone Zhgun is assisting clients with the entire process of obtaining a U.S. visa, keeping them informed at every step of their visa application. 

Leone Zhgun also renders legal advice in cooperation with specialists in the areas of Real Estate, Taxation and Asset- and Estate planning. 

Our Philosophy

The team of Leone Zhgun prioritizes to develop a long-lasting and personal relationship with their clients based on honesty and trust. Transparency and prompt communications with clients are hereby of paramount importance.



Dr. Tamás BALÁZS

Languages: English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian
Tel: +36 1 302 5697
Fax: +36 1 302 7938

We offer our clients complex services in special areas and special services in complex areas where versatile expertise and experience are required. After recognizing the objectives of our clients and after reading through the relevant documents we can offer our clients individual legal services in six languages. We work in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French and Hungarian. We regularly represent clients from various European countries, from the CIS countries and also from other countries. We are members of numerous organizations and professional associations both at home and abroad. In connection with the foreign activities of our clients we cooperate with our foreign partner law firms.

We are members of various professional organizations (LNA, Deutscher Anwaltverein, ARGE Baurecht, EAST LEGAL TEAM EEIG, Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana, European Society of Construction Law etc.). Dr. Tamás BALÁZS is an arbitrator at the International Arbitration Court of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw and the President of the Hungarian Society of Construction Law. Through our cooperating partner companies we are able to offer our services to our clients, with special attention to business and investment consulting, tax consulting, accounting auditing and real estate brokerage.

Kingdom of Thailand

Sanet Legal Ltd.

Address: 2/1 Rom Klao 25/2, Ladkrabang, Khlongsamprawet, Bangkok 10520, Thailand
Tel: + 66 2 737 642-0
Fax: + 66 2 737 642 Ext. 25
Social media: LinkedIn

Dr. Denk – Sonntagbauer & Partner

About us

Sanet Legal Ltd. is the legal arm of SANET ASEAN ADVISORS, a German-Austrian-Thai managed Consultancy Group that has been advising and facilitating the activities of foreign investors in Thailand and ASEAN Countries since 2004.
The combined focus of the Group is on entrepreneurial and legal management consulting for its clients in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), strategy development, market potential and feasibility studies as well as restructuring.
Within the Group, Sanet Trade & Services Co. Ltd. supports the trade activities of Western companies and offers various trading and sourcing concepts and set-ups. On top, the business Unit CREATING CAREERS is the Sanet Group’s human resources and staffing agency focusing on cross-cultural recruitment of executives and middle management as well as on change management.
Due to its close cooperation within the Group, the law firm Sanet Legal Ltd. has a distinctly entrepreneurial approach to its legal advice. The firm’s business-oriented approach is characterized by its focus on.

  • Company information
  • Joint ventures
  • Corporate law
  • Investment promotion
  • Labor law
  • Strict Thai Foreign Business, Visa and work-permit regulations

In addition, the firm provides a notary service and advises corporate managers on personal matters in other areas of law if requested.
Owners and equity partners of the Group are Dr. iur. utr. Gunter Denk (Chairman), Chulalux Chinwong (CEO) and Mag. Fabian Sonntagbauer LL.M (COO).


Orsini und Rosenberg & Striessnig Rechtsanwälte OG

Address: Annagasse 8, 1010 Vienna
Tel: +43 – 1 – 90 1 90

We are an Austrian law firm founded by Wolfgang A. Orsini und Rosenberg and Florian Striessnig. Our office is located inVienna, we conduct cases all over Austria.

Our partners and their team are dedicated to providing highest quality of advocacy especially in commercial law, employmentlaw and property law. We also have a strong expertise in dispute resolution achieving successful outcomes for our clients.Guided by our core value excellence we are fulfilling our client‘s needs always. That’s why we have long-lasting relationships tomostly of our clients and are highly recommended by them to others.If you’re looking for a representation in Austria, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ding, Schroeder & Partner

Law-China Business Consulting (Beijing) Co.
Ltd.Room 609, 6/F, Asia-Pacific Building
No. 8 Yabao Road Chaoyang District100020 Beijing, P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-8563 4345
Mobile / 手机: +86-137 1869 0916

Law-China – Ding, Schroeder & Partner ist eine Kooperation zwischen einer registriertenWirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft und einer Chinesischen Rechtsberatungsgesellschaft um unter einerPlattform neben der Wirtschaftsprüfung auch Rechtsberatung, Steuerberatung und Buchhaltunganzubieten. Während chinesische Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaften größer und auch sichtbarer werden, bleibt es fürausländische Unternehmen weiterhin eine Herausforderung einen zuverlässigen und passendenPartner für die Lösung rechtlicher Aufgaben zu finden.

Unser Ziel ist es, dass sie die Art von Beratung erhalten, die exakt ihren Bedürfnissen im Hinblick aufeine kompetente und engagierte langfristige Zusammenarbeit entspricht.Um diesem Anspruch gerecht zu werden, möchten wir Ihre Vorschläge und Anregungen für einereibungslose Zusammenarbeit aufgreifen und uns mit ihnen abstimmen, um das Beratungsziel, aberauch Effizienz und Wirtschaftlichkeit in Einklang zu bringen.

Bitte informieren Sie uns zu jeder Zeit, wenn wir Ihnen noch weitere Informationen zukommen lassenkönnen, oder wenn Sie auch für andere Dienstleistungen Unterstützung benötigen.Bei Law-China – Ding, Schroeder & Partner erhalten sie über die Beijing Schroeder Law FirmRechtsberatung aus erster Hand.

Law-China – Ding, Schroeder & Partner kombiniert die Fähigkeiten und Möglichkeiten versierter inChina registrierter Rechtsanwälte mit dem Know-How und der Erfahrung ausländischer Anwälteunter einer europäischen Leitung.Der Leiter der Rechtsberatung von Law-China – Ding, Schroeder & Partner verfügt über mehr als15-jährige Erfahrung bei der internationalen Beratung Europäischer Mandanten bei ihren Projekten inChina. Die Gründungspartnerin von Beijing Schroeder Law-Firm ist seit über 15 Jahren in China registrierteAnwältin und verfügt über 5 Jahre Arbeitserfahrung bei einer international tätigen großen deutschenKanzlei.

Law-China – Ding, Schroeder & Partner geben Ihnen einen unmittelbaren Zugang zu direkter,professioneller rechtlicher Beratung und gerichtlicher Vertretung in China, und zwar auf dem von derdeutschen Anwaltschaft angestrebten Niveau und wir heben uns so von der bloßen Brückenfunktionausländischer Kanzleien in China ab. Selbstverständlich vertreten wir deshalb auch chinesischeUnternehmen mit gleichem Anspruch.

Vertrauen Sie auf unsere Erfahrung in den folgenden Bereichen:

  • Gerichtliche Prozessführung
  • Rechtliche Beratung
  • Vertragsgestaltung und -prüfung
  • Vertragsverhandlungen und gerichtliche Durchsetzung von Verträgen
  • Registrierungen und Änderungen von Unternehmen (einschließlich der Änderung derOrgane, der Schließung und Insolvenzverfahren, etc.)
  • Merger & Acquisition, einschließlich der “Due Diligence” Vertretung in Arbeitsstreitigkeiten
  • Entwurf von Musterarbeitsverträgen
  • Arbeitnehmerhandbüchern, etc.
  • Anmeldung, Durchführung und gerichtliche Vertretung mit Bezug zu Marken und imgewerblichen Rechtsschutz.



Pl. Emili Mira i López 2
08022 Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 205 42 31


Address: C/ Fortuny 37, 4º Izquierda A 28010 Madrid
Phone: +34 910 38 13 66


C/ Sor Flor Ricomana 2, 1o
07460 Pollença
Phone: +34 971 53 17 33


The Firm

Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados is a local law firm with an international standard and global perspective. The firm was founded in 1999 to assist companies operating in the Spanish market. We are a firm of reference in international transactions, as well as in international dispute resolution. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge of our international client’s language and culture of business, which combined with our own culture of friendship and ease of communication enables us to work closely with their teams. Our team has gained experience in several jurisdictions and has the ability to work easily in German, English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Our firm is dedicated to providing solid legal advisory services for both local and international companies with whom we share values, philosophy and entrepreneurship. Efficiency, proximity, and a keen focus on cost control defines our practice at Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados, positioning us as a real alternative to the large firms.


We understand our client’s projects

Each and every business venture contains multiple factors; this is why our involvement always offers global solutions, encompassing the entire business process. We have in-depth knowledge of the projects we are involved in, working closely with our clients throughout all the phases of business ventures: design of the legal structure, R&D, industrial implementation and production, distribution and marketing of goods or services. This in-depth knowledge allows us to design a comprehensive legal strategy and reduce litigation exposure. Accompanying our clients throughout all stages allows us to provide solid judicial or arbitral defense, if necessary.  


Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados is not a generalist law firm. Since our foundation we have been committed to providing highly specialized legal counsel, adding value for our clients in each practice area we offer.

  • TEAM

We pride ourselves on being more than legal advisers to our clients, we work closely with them to form part of their team. Our principal goal on all project is to fully understand all aspects, implications and work in perfect harmony with our clients.


Both the partners and the team at Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados involve themselves personally in the projects and investments of our clients, acting as real Project Managers on the assignments we are charged with.


We offer our clients a realistic analysis of each legal issue and propose feasible and creative strategies, accompanying our clients throughout the entire process of their projects. We are the ideal partner for companies, who like us, have an international vision. Our team has substantial experience both in international transactions and dispute resolution in some of the most relevant international markets for Spain, such as Germany, France, Eastern countries, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway and Israel. The international scope and vocation of our firm is strengthened by:


We maintain long term partnerships with other leading firms located in principal cities of the countries of our economic environment.


Our team takes part actively in multiple international organizations and institutions.


Practice Areas

In Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados we provide a highly specialized service in the practice areas we offer. Through our large experience we offer our clients expert legal knowledge and deliver innovative solutions to complex situations in each project we are entrusted.

  • Commercial and corporate.

Our solid Spanish legal knowledge combined with our international experience facilitates the success of our client’s business.

    • National and international commercial contracts.
    • Franchise, distribution, agency and other commercial contracts.
    • Incorporation of companies/legal structure advice.
    • Equity and financing agreements
    • Company secretary.
    • Shareholders’ agreements.
    • Compliance.
    • Banking and finance law.
    • Corporate reorganizations and bankruptcy law.
    • Commercial and corporate taxation.
    • Procedures regarding competition law (cartels, price-fixing, abuse of dominant position, etc.)
    • Unfair competition.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our firm takes part in multiple M&A transactions, significantly in the industrial sector. Our services take on special relevance in crossborder transactions where the international experience of our team highly contributes to a smooth and efficient process with a successful outcome.

    • Due Diligence.
    • International purchases.
    • Management buy out/buy in.
    • Asset purchase.
    • Joint venture agreements.
    • International organization.
  • Family business.

We know and share the philosophy and values of both Spanish and foreign family companies. We understand how family businesses works and this, together with our working philosophy, allows us to design very specific strategies.

    • Structure and corporate governance.
    • Drafting of family agreements.
    • Business succession.
  • Real Estate and urban planning.

We are one of few firms with an Urban Planning Law Department composed of both lawyers and architects,making us the firm of reference for many companies in the sector, as well as for real estate investors.

    • Purchase of real estate and real estate companies.
    • Construction law.
    • Urban planning law.
    • Planning management and negotiation.
    • Due Diligence on real estate and planning matters.
    • Real estate taxation.
    • Urban and rural rentals.
  • Dispute resolution and Arbitration.
    • We provide first-class litigation legal advice in a flexible and highly cost-effective manner. Our compact structure reduces our exposure to conflicts of interest, helping to streamline procedure costs and adapt to each individual client’s needs.
    • Our many years of experience in litigation, significantly in national and international arbitration, enables us to offer counsel to our clients adding value and achievIng highly positive results.
    • At Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados, we pride ourselves on having a solid experience in both domestic and international arbitration. FURTHER, we have an extensive knowledge of the diverse and substantive regulation of numerous industries and sectors enabling us to provide a value-added service to our clients.
    • Our arbitration practitioners are qualified to provide advice not only during the arbitration process itself while representing clients, but also during the preparatory stage of the arbitration, guiding clients in the selection of site, institutions and arbitration rules, drafting of ad hoc or tailor made arbitration clauses, in addition to the preparatory phases of proceedings
  • New Technologies.

We counsel Companies operating in any Sector and assess them in any legal matter in relation with:

    • Legal Auditing of Internet sites.
    • Domain Names.
    • Personal Data Protection.
    • Electronic Transactions.
    • Electronic Commerce.
    • Digital Signature.
    • Data Processing Agreements of Acquisition, Distribution and License of Software.
    • Outsourcing Agreements.
    • Commercial Communications.
    • Web Sites Development Agreements.
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.

Legal Assessment in relation with all legal aspects regarding agreements, legal action and/or proceed- ings before all public or private bodies regarding:

    • Patent and Trademark Licensing Agreements. Licensing Rights of Edition, Reproduction, Distribution and Transformation of Data Basis, Literary, Scientific, and Musical works.
    • Agreements of Artistic Services, etc.
    • Advertising Campaigns, Advertising
    • Agreements, Advertising Diffusion or Creation.
    • Sponsorship.
    • Sportive Working Agreements and Agreements of Explotation of the Image Rights of Sportsmen and Sportswomen.
    • Merchandising, Media, Audiovisual Producers.
    • Companies in the Entertainment and Telecommunication industry, etc.
  • Maritime and Port Law.

We counsel Companies operating in the Maritime and Port Sectors and assist them in their dealings with Shipping Companies, Port Terminals, Passengers, Stowage Companies, Auxiliary Businesses, etc. in relation with:

    • Their Management Activities.
    • Purchases, Renting and Commercial Exploitation of boats. Administrative Concessions.
    • Applications for Occupancy of Public Land.
    • Port and Aerial Tariffs.
    • Prevention and Safety.
    • Civil Liability, Insurance.
    • Port related procedures and litigations (rescue operations, seizures, accidents, etc.).



Part of your team.

New Zealand

Christopher Griggs
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Māori
Address: Barristers.Comm Level 7 Legal House, Wellington, New Zealand, 6011
Tel: +64 4 914 1053
Mob: +64 21 187 4595

Christopher Griggs is a self-employed barrister who is part of the barristers’ chambers Barristers.Comm. Barristers.Comm chambers is a group of self-employed barristers working out of a shared office space in the central business district of Wellington, the capital city of Aotearoa New Zealand. Although the individual barristers all work for themselves and run their own separate practices, working in the same barristers’ chambers means that they often collaborate on cases they are running. As all the barristers have different areas of expertise within the law, the chambers environment means that they can all learn from each other, constantly being able to grow their expansive legal knowledge.

Mr Griggs operates his practice in English, German, French, Italian and Māori (the indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand). He has clients from many different parts of the world including Europe, America, Australia and the Pacific. Mr Griggs will shortly also be admitted as a barrister in the state of Victoria in Australia in order to expand his ability to work in Australia. He is a longstanding board member of the German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, giving him strong links into the German business community.
The scope of Mr Griggs’ work is quite wide. He is a senior officer in the Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve with a strong grip on maritime law, military law and aviation law. He also is an expert in civil and commercial litigation, employment law, international law, public and administrative law, as well as indigenous rights and other human rights.

Hong Kong

Anthony Siu & Co.

Address: Units 1102-3, 11th Floor, Nine Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2520 6878
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About Us

Anthony Siu & Co. is a law firm based in Hong Kong with an established legal network and an experienced team of lawyers providing both domestic and cross-border legal services to our clients, including but not limited to the United Kingdom and China markets. Our legal team is composed of lawyers who are trilingual in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as trained and practiced in major Hong Kong law firms. We strive on using a solution-oriented approach in providing our services. Since our firm’s formation in 2004, we have grown significantly and formed various associations including with DKLM, a London-based law firm and with Jia Yuan Law Office, a Beijing-based law firm, which enable us to serve the demand for legal services in various jurisdictions.

Practice Areas

We practise in the following areas of work:

  • China-Appointed Attesting Service
  • Notary Public Service
  • Corporate, Commercial & Capital Market
  • Corporate Rescue & Insolvency
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Property and Conveyancing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Trust Planning & Arrangement

China-Appointed Attesting Service / Notary Public Service

Our lawyers are the China Appointed Attesting Officers authorized by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China to attest and certify acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring or emanating from Hong Kong for the use in China. Further, our lawyers have been appointed as notaries public by the High Court of Hong Kong, enabling our firm to prepare and provide authentication of documents for overseas use.

Corporate, Commercial & Capital Market

We provide client-oriented legal services on general corporate, commercial and capital market matters, examples of these include:

  • Company
    Merger and acquisition, transfer of business and websites, cross-border trade, reconstruction, sale and purchase of shares of private companies, purchase of properties by way of sale and purchase of company’s shares, general business operations and company secretarial duties, and compliance with various laws and regulations
  • Commercial
    Commercial contracts, such as joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, licensing, distributorship agreements, agency agreements, etc.
  • Employment, Privacy and Discrimination
    Employment and service agreement, employment handbook and human resource policy, disputes arising from restrictive covenant, non-competition clause, confidentiality and fiduciary duties, and application for work permits
  • Corporate Finance, Listed Company Compliance and Securities-related Legislation
    Initial public offerings, corporate finance such as issuing convertible bonds and reviewing various financial products agreement, acquisition, merger and debt reconstruction, compliance with listed companies and securities companies regulations
  • License application
    Visa and license application including license application for conducting regulated activities in Hong Kong under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and license application for money lenders

Corporate Rescue & Insolvency

Our team was involved in major and/or cross-border work-outs, rescues and restructuring assignments in Hong Kong, examples of our work are:

Preparing proposal for company liquidation and acting as liquidator
Providing pragmatic solutions which enables companies in financial distress to endure and enhance creditor banks’ legal and commercial position
In winding-up cases, advising liquidators in respect of members’ and creditors’ voluntary winding-up, including misfeasance claims against former directors, preferential claims, and other related claims
Obtaining court orders to stay debt recovery process taken by creditors to enable company and its creditor banks to work out a rescue and/or restructuring proposal with white knight

Litigation & Arbitration

Our dispute resolution team has experience in a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including but not limited to the following:-

  • Commercial Transactions
    Advising on disputes concerning commercial agreements and transactions, such as shareholders’ disputes, partnership disputes, joint ventures, distributorship agreements, agency agreements, licensing, etc.
  • Banking
    Advising major banks in relation to secured lending recovery, mortgagee action, injunctive relief against third party guarantee, enforcement of third party security, and problems associated with bills of exchange, etc.
  • Trade Finance
    All aspects of documentary credits and other forms of trade finance including specific advice on the provisions of the codes published by the International Chamber of Commerce, advice relating to bills of exchange and associated trade financing documentation such as pledges, trust receipts and similar agreements
  • Employment
    Advising on a wide range of issues concerning employment and dismissal of staff, the contractual implications thereof and the implications of employment law
  • Corporate Fraud
    Dealing with allegations of large-scale corporate fraud with possessing good working relationships with the regulatory authorities, the police and specifically the Commercial Crime Bureau; advising listed companies and individuals on the ramifications of a variety of relevant legislations
  • Regulatory
    Advising listed companies on their dealings with the regulatory authorities including the Securities and Futures Commission and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and on administrative law remedies including applications for judicial review; dealing with civil and criminal proceedings involving insider dealing and market manipulation and representing “implicated” person in Insider Dealing Inquiry and defendants in courts
  • Insolvency
    Advising and/or acting for clients in enforcement of securities, debt recovery process, shareholder/partnership disputes, regulatory proceedings, legal actions against company directors
  • Defamation
    Dealing with defamation claims made against individuals and companies including assisting clients in applying for injunction Court order restraining the defendants from publishing and/or disseminating defamatory words and/or materials

Property and Conveyancing

Our lawyers are experienced in a wide range of conveyancing and lease matters, including:

Representing developers to negotiate with the Government in respect of change of land use and surrender of land in exchange for land of other uses
Drafting sale and purchase agreements and other necessary legal documents for commercial, industrial and residential conveyancing transactions
Drafting lease agreements for landlords and tenants in respect of office, shopping mall, restaurants, canteens and residential buildings
Representing banks to draft mortgage documents

Intellectual Property

Our firm’s intellectual property team acts for a number of multinational and local corporations including world-renowned designer brands and fashions houses, international food and restaurant chains, telecommunication corporations, etc. The team has established professional relationships with overseas intellectual property practitioners as well as China’s state-designated intellectual property agencies, as well as experience in both contentious and non-contentious matters, including:

  • Litigation on infringement of trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs and/or passing-off; advising on registration strategy, trade mark registrability and availability for use
  • Trademark registration and disputes arising from the same
  • Administrative and enforcement actions protecting intellectual property rights in China
  • Licensing/franchising, sale and purchase, assignment of intellectual property rights; drafting sale and purchase agreements and assignment of IP assets and license agreements
  • Advising on intellectual property-related aspects of computer laws, Internet and telecommunications

Trust Planning & Arrangement

Our team has extensive experience in offering planning advice to individual clients, family groups and charitable organizations in relation to administration of trusts and estates, examples of these include:

  • Setting up and administrating trust
  • Planning and preparing trust documents
  • Setting up offshores structures for trusts and estates
  • Offering advice in relation to tax, setting up and running of family offices, succession/estate planning, and family philanthropies
  • Dealing with all incidental contentious issues arising from the above


Zajednicka advokatska kancelarija TODOROVIC

Address: Zmaj-Jovina 8-10, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 7708 802

Zajednicka advokatska kancelarija Todorovic is a dynamic office that brings together a team of legal experts who are able to meet the challenges of complex cases and transactions that related to international and local level. Due to the commitment and continuous improvement, on a practical and academic level, the law office contributes to the success and legal security of clients.

Thanks to the efforts, energy and quick responses to customer needs and first-class legal advice our office becomes part of the solution.

Our advantages are our close relationship with the client, a good understanding of their needs, giving precise advice and reliability. Our strength are people and knowledge. Thanks to the “best friend relationship” with reputable offices in the region, we are able to support clients in the markets of Southeast Europe. The members of our team speak beside native Serbian language, English, German, French, Italian and Arabic.

Dedicated work of a team of lawyers and constant improvements we provide the quality of service that our clients create trust and make them legally secure.

Practice Areas:

  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Foreign Investment
  • Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Labor Law
  • Personal Data Protection




Contact: Jaime Hellmuth Diniz (Advogado)

Languages: Portuguese, German, English, Spanish

Address: Rua Braamcamp, 9 – 4, 1250-048, Lisbon, Portugal

Tel.: ++ 351 21 795 69 00

Fax: ++ 351 21 795 69 01

Founded in 2001, in our firm we work with rigor, loyalty, passion and realism. From the outset, we have been committed to practicing law in a manner that puts the clients and their interests at the center of our priorities.

We are guided by common sense and enjoy finding simple solutions to complex issues – and we do this in a wide variety of sectors, like banking, modern distribution, household care, adhesive industry, foreign investment, marketing and advertising, food products, property development, human resources, health, skincare, information technology, urban planning and tourism.

We work across several areas of law on a cross-functional basis, as multidisciplinary solutions, pivotal to the outcome of specific cases, often arise from the synergy of knowledge in several domains, as well as through dialogue with colleagues possessing unique individual knowledge.

Those areas of law in which we work include: compliance, litigation and arbitration, corporate governance, administrative law, banking law, competition law, insolvency law and company restructuring, company law, family law, inheritance law, consumer law, employment law, urban planning law, contract law, property law, economic criminal law and administrative offence law, copyright, producer liability and general product safety.

For more information, namely concerning our team, please visit our website.


Ness Advokatbyrå AB

 Address: Fabrikstorget 1, SE-412 50 GöteborgWebsite:

Contact person: Dr. Robert Moldén, Rechtsanwalt/EU-Advokat

Mail address:

Tel: +46 70 252 44 00


We are a Swedish commercial law firm based in Gothenburg – the industrial capital of Scandinavia.

Our mission is to assist our clients in the legal arena and offer the very best business legal advice. Every business and organization is unique, and we tailor our services to meet specific needs and goals.

Our legal expertise covers all areas of business law. Regardless of whether it is about contract law, financing, intellectual property law, business acquisitions, competition law, transport law or dispute resolution, our experienced lawyers have the skills required to guide you through the complex legal issues you may be faced with.


Milczarek Law Firm
Al. Solidarności 68/121
00 – 240 Warszawa
tel. +48 601 270 007

Marcin started working in the legal profession in1993. Since then, he has conducted
cases for individuals, Polish and international companies. He has changed the
Supreme Court’s line of jurisprudence regarding the liability of a management board
member of a limited liability company for the company’s debts. He also represented
clients in numerous tax proceedings and caused National Health Fund to cover
expenses in the case of treatment abroad.

Marcin worked as an in-house lawyer in an international corporation and in
international consulting firms. Then he founded his own law firm which, as part of an
international advisory network, operated on the global market.

Currently, Marcin operates in a small group of specialists and develops several
companies. He uses his legal knowledge practically in his business activities. As an
entrepreneur, he helps others to apply the law in their business. He is keen to
maintain close contact with his clients, as he believes that thorough understanding of
their needs allows him to apply better ideas, and a long-term relationship allows him
to quickly understand the situation and move on to apply the right solutions.

Despite the small size, Marcin still advises international clients on their operations in
Poland as well as number of Polish enterprises. His clients are mainly operating in
construction, renewable energy, heavy industry, transport and IT industries.

He is known for the quality of the provided service and is member of two
international legal networks, World Law Alliance and Avolink.

Marcin works in Polish, English and German.


As a lawyer with many years of experience, Marcin helps in a variety of matters.
Being a business lawyer, he offers services in the following areas:

– Companies (formation, liquidation, transformations, shareholders’ agreements and
resolution of disputes between shareholders, optimisation of financing, company
secretariat – resolutions and regulations);
– Contracts (formation, negotiations, amendments), both commercial and licensing,
real estate related,
– company acquisitions and mergers (M&A) – due diligence, contracts, negotiations;
– personnel matters (employment contracts, regulations, restructuring,
– renewable energy (wind, biogas and photovoltaic projects, due diligence, project
management including greenfield, contracts and administrative matters)
– taxes (consulting, representation during tax inspections, in appeal procedures and
administrative courts);
– representation before common courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court,
the Supreme Administrative Court, central and local government administrative
– immigration matters (residence permits, work permits) – in cooperation with an
external expert.